Happy Diwali to you! Hindus have recently celebrated the Festival of Lights, the most joyful and important celebration in the religion. The enthusiastic staff at CloudZon conveys how we celebrated Diwali in style and left memorable days at our office.

A celebration to light the way

Diwali is about bliss — and fun! The five-day celebration speaks to the triumph of light over darkness, excellent over malice, and learning over obliviousness. In that capacity, the most ideal approach to celebrate is to light a flame or oil light, called a diya which we had done all those 5 days.

Celebrations at CloudZon were done for 5 days and each day spoke about its importance.

  • Day 1- Group day
  • Day 2 –Balloons/flowers day
  • Day 3- Black & white day
  • Day 4- Chocolate day
  • Day 5- Traditional day

Every celebration will pour extra happiness among us when we celebrate it together. Likewise every member of CloudZon family was much excited and thrilled on each day of celebration to stay unique.

Ankita clarifies the delight the customary embellishments bring: “simply like the splendid daylight conveys a grin to your face, correspondingly, the diyas light up the whole office, spreading joy surrounding,” she says.


The first day of celebration was to show the unity among each team at CloudZon, “Group day”. It was quite good to show sportsman spirit in everyone yet competitiveness.

Balloons and flowers was our objective on the Second day. The entire office was decorated with balloons and flowers and we all spent the whole day in fragrance. Even though every day at our office is a celebration day through our services and client satisfaction, the third day of celebration for Diwali was Black and white day. This was kept to show differences between light and darkness, peace and violence and love and hatred.black-and-white

Nowadays like all the relatives assemble, the workplace staff excessively gets together, making it a memorable day of Diwali. “Since an individual invests the vast majority of his lifetime in office, it has turned into a second home for the greater part of us”, says Rupa.

Everyone loves chocolates and that was our fourth day of celebration intended to be. Keeping in mind the words told by someone “even the finest chocolate loses half of its pleasure if you are not sharing it”, we celebrated chocolate day together with different varieties of chocolates and games too.


Consistently, we proceeded with our custom of playing out a small pooja, and offering to the gods, to bring immense joy to the celebration on the first day of celebration “Dhanteras”. Everybody at office showed up in traditional wear and attended pooja and hope it will shower blessings to the services offered by CloudZon to our clients. The whole space is embellished with rangoli and lights. The day was fun filled games.

We commenced celebration of lights with style. We sorted out Work Space Decoration occasion to judge unity, imagination and creativity in our representatives. It was a thrilling occasion which united members from various groups who contributed different thoughts. Each day of celebration ended with flawlessly embellished office that could neither be portrayed in words nor be caught in pictures however must be experienced. Event was an enormous accomplishment because of high interest and eagerness appeared by CloudZon team.

Nowadays the most workplaces sort out Diwali festivities keeping in mind the end goal provides joy and happiness to the staff. Besides, representatives who are far from their family don’t feel nostalgic on this event. Yes, CloudZon staff was so much blessed to get Diwali gift from the management. The gift “Wall Watch’ imparted true happiness in us and we are aware of the time management to be kept in our every service to clients.

A celebration like Diwali goes far in working up the soul of solidarity. It gives the workers an inclination that their association values them.

Our CEO, Dr Raj Patel appreciates the open door for reflection that this extraordinary occasion speaks to. “‘Diwali, for me, is as a rule together in celebration,” he says. “This day, each individual from the family meets up to implore and celebrate. In this quick paced world, we scarcely get an ideal opportunity to invest happiness with friends and family. It is just amid such celebrations that we meet up. And such meetings should be memorable”

The conventions of Diwali, from the diyas to the exquisite offerings to the firecrackers, made it a lovely celebration. Montu was much busy in taking up snaps of celebration and nowadays “selfies” play a much role in every occasion. LOL…

Am sure every CloudZonian will be waiting for next year Diwali celebration…Yes, our office is our second home and this has made us to offer utmost determination and commitment towards every project.

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