Development of mobile application has been a popular subject since the first days of smartphones. Particularly for the last couple of years as application developers, we have seen a great demand for mobile applications development.

This increasing demand and versatility brought numerous changes in the mobile application development industry itself. As we are in 2016, it’s always better to know the latest trends in the application industry for an organization that is best in custom mobile application development.

Our designers at Cloudzon set up together a list of versatile mobile application development patterns to pay special attention in 2016.

  • Security in mobile application development

In 2015, we have seen a sensational increase in information breaches and hacker attacks that influenced an extensive variety of organizations from new businesses to government associations. Reports, and then again, demonstrates that most mobile applications today can’t finish the essential security tests.

This is disturbing since numerous mobile applications store touchy and individual data on their servers with next to no security. As programmers keep searching for security gaps on famous applications, mobile application industry needs to aim the security on 2016 to ensure there are no security breaks and data spills brought on via lack of care. Cloudzon offers high quality Custom mobile application development to our customers with complete security.

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Tech monsters like Apple and Google are additionally endeavoring and working all day and all night to secure their portable stages iOS and Android to avert further hacks and information breaks.

  • Enhanced user experience

With Apple and Android presenting diverse screen sizes for their devices, on 2016 developers needs to ensure their mobile application development work flawlessly over all gadgets and screen sizes.

  • Shift in programming language from Apple

With the introduction of Apple’s new language “Swift”, we are seeing a great movement in iOS application advancement from Objective-C vs Swift. With Swift turning into the most well known programming language on the web, it is less demanding to work with one can make certain that we will be sure to be in fame in 2016.

  • Popularity of Internet of Things and Wearable Technology

With Google Glass and Apple observe as of now making an immense buzz in the business sector it is obvious that the Internet of Things and the wearable technology are achieving great demands and popularity.

Taking into account the studies tech examiners are persuaded that internet of things will be the next huge thing and more individuals will be associated with “Things” in the following couple of years. Be arranged to see more IoT gadgets and wearables in 2016.

This additionally implies engineers should be arranged for this pattern and considers IoT and wearable innovation while growing new and custom mobile application development.

  • Cloud and mobile apps

There is no doubt Cloud processing and technologies are as of now making a mark in the tech business and makes life simpler for every one of us. We now anticipate that Cloud Technologies will assume an urgent part in application development.

With 2016, we will be seeing more mobile applications using cloud advancements and designers building applications on the cloud so that applications can be effectively utilized on various platforms. This will likewise help engineers effortlessly adjust data over a wide range of devices using the Cloud.

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