As a Mobile App Development Company, we know that it’s not an easy task to build a mobile application. you have to make sure by doing countless research to develop a user-friendly app.

Similarly, as a website, an app has also a logo for unique identity which one is leading part that attracts users to your app. So here some topics you are going to know about the aspects of designing an app icon as we know It’s difficult to encourage people for download your app.

That’s not wrong to say or comment that your app icon plays a key role in building a brand of your business. For making a first great impression you have to focus more on icon design.

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Mobile App Development

  • Make It Easy & Clear to Read

Make your app icon as a child’s play to read, but it doesn’t mean that icon must be filled with text, it may be a picture or simple word also. The app icon design should fit into the branding to make the app familiar. Any branded mobile app gives a good representation of what the app icon refers to, and what job it does to develop a user friendly app.

app icon

  • Selecting the Best Shape & Color

For the icon Designing success,  simplicity is also a key factor in the beginning of the app. It must be scalable while you’re selecting color combination and unique shape and for that, you need to use your own expert ability. Working on the correct pixels also becomes essential at the same time to build recognizable up. one more thing you also have to keep in mind to check app design with different backgrounds and select the one which looks perfect.

  • The Exclusion of Words

If you surf your Smartphone carefully, you will notice that apps don’t contain text in their design except such site as the “PINTEREST” which is the letter “P” on its icon. But it is their symbol/ identity of the brand itself so it’s also not a rule that you may not use text in app design, it’s turned up with some exclusive idea for your own app icon design. It is obvious that no one will be interested in reading the text of your mobile app so just exclude it from your design procedure.

  • Implementing the Perfect Border

Implementing the border around the app icon isn’t a bad idea if it’s given a perfect look to your app. The main purpose of the border is that it highlights the icon for making customers more attracted towards it. To represent the app’s beauty you can use some different style of borders, frames or other 3D impacts.

  • Be Updated with Your Competitors Design

At the present and the trending time of digital life, the mobile app business is really going to more competitive so you must be aware of your competitors’ app success. Thus, you need to have a good knowledge of what designs your competitors are using? which is related to their using shapes, colors, borders, text and other factors of icon design.

For Example, if you are going to create an app for online payment tipping then you must have to look out at Thanks! Tip from your phone app or BRAVO tipping app or Gratzeez appreciation app.

tipping app competitors

  • Try different type of Combinations

Before launching your mobile app in the market, you must try various combinations of icon design. Thus you can test various designs including the mixing of colors, shapes, texts, screenshots, wallpapers and other things. It’s giving you a proper idea about how the icon appears exactly what fits best to suit your app. so you need to check the different icons on the screen of your phone before making any final decision.

icon app design diffrent combinations


The app icon designing is the most important thing before you are launching a successful app for your audiences. We all know it’s a tough job for taking various key factors and work upon a design which is acceptable to the app stores but the perfect icon design makes the perfect app.

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CloudZon also presenting the infographics of important factors for designing app icon which may help you for your next mobile application designing.

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How to Design an effective mobile App icon

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