In customized ASP.NET development, a common move to production from development (for brand new install) may include:-

  • Copying files to production.
  • Making a database in production and running the fundamental scripts to instate database
  • Performing configurations if necessary

Upgrading ASP.NET application may make the accompanying the steps:-

  1. Replacing any existing files to production
  2. Updating database to the latest version by running sql scripts.

Overview of DNN

Source Code

The real difference between DotNetNuke and conventional applications is that it has various documents that are really, modified underway and you would prefer not to replace these when publishing.

The other difference is that DNN website development and its applications contains various sub-applications known as modules, these are intended to be conveyed into production through the interface during installation.

DNN website development

DNN website development

It is therefore, you would prefer not to consistently publish to production while the site is under development by Dotnetnuke development services.

Only copy the files for:

  • New version with DotNetNuke changes– uploads new records and watch it auto-upgrade up to higher incremental version.

You will be in need of the extensions installation interface for:

  • Module changes (new form of a module) – transfer through establishment interface and watch it auto-upgrade up to the following incremental version.
  • Skin change (new form of a skin) – transfer through establishment interface.


Content is different slightly on the other hand, each dotnetnuke installation is broken into numerous portals, each divided in the database giving that portal content. Publishing a site up of content every night, would not copy the content over and thus it’s the specialty of DNN website development. You should utilize one of the methods depicted in the following area.

There are a couple of methods for moving a DotNetNuke site to production dependant on the situation, some of these are:-

  • The Clean install

The clean install with Dotnetnuke development services are utilized when you have no existing site for production. You need to move precisely what you have being developed to production.

  • The Export/Import

This is perfect for moving a site to production where the site as of now exists and you essentially need to include a portal. You will initially need to ensure your creation site has every one of the modules introduced, and possibly skins.

Content issues

The issue with content emerges with incremental changes, at present, the main modules are not versioned, and this is surrendered over to the engineers who offer Dotnetnuke development services. So you can’t generally do non-live improvements to your generation site to existing content. New content is fine in light of the fact that you simply hide with the exception of administrator while in the test mode.

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