With new advancements in technology, modern day businesses are trying to make an entry with an intention to capture the market. Belonging to the same cadre is the Node.js. While many other platforms have not survived the competition, Node.js is doing exceptionally well with many web development services using it exclusively.

Why are web developers using Node.Js? – They are using it primarily because of these two main reasons:

  1. Javascript Runtime – Since this platform runs on javascript, many web developers choose it as it is quite easy to create quick and scalable network applications.
  1. Nonblocking I/O model: It is vital for the web developers to remove all the complications as well as deal with a fallible concurrent programming when working with IO. However, you get more I/O scalability when using Node.js

advantages of using Node js

advantages of using Node js

The reason it is used extensively is due to the full range of benefits it offers. Listed below are few of the advantages that Node.js provides and are noteworthy to consider.

(1) The Suite that is Fast

Many web application development companies are awestruck at the speed at which Node.js functions. Time-consuming works like reading and writing the database as well as connecting to the network are few of the works that are performed at lightning speed.

Many companies use Node.js to build web applications that are quite fast and robust handling parallel connections with a raised throughput. The work does not slow down at any cost if the web developers take some care and caution while coding. Several companies got benefited by using Node.js.

LinkedIn stands out first in line, as they chose Node.js instead of Ruby on Rails. It has helped them to cope up with the increasing mobile app users as well as the number of servers has decreased substantially from 30 to 3. Also, making the website function 20 times much faster. PayPal, another user of Node.js, saw a fall in their response time to an unbelievable record percentage of 35%.

(2) Coding Becomes a Lot Easy Now

Coding used to be the most difficult task for any web development company before. However, with its entry, Node.js has become a delight for the web developers as they could easily write JavaScript simultaneously for the client and the server. Transferring data from the server to the client became much easier as a result. Whenever there is a change in the server, it is quickly updated for the client  As a consequence of this, the web page that displays this data is affected and is up to date with the changes.

(3) Hosting Deal

With many web development services turning towards Node.js. Hosting is slowly winning the momentum. Many service providers of PaaS which is also known as “platform as a service.” like Modulus as well as Heroku are using Node.js with zero problems.

(4) Vast Community Base

Node.js has an extensive community which is increasing in its strength every day. They have come up with many great modules that have taken it to the next level. One of its famous modules is Socket.Io. It is used to provide the server a continuous communication from the client. Because of this, the server provides the real-time updates to the clients.

(5) The Perfect Solution for all Database Queries

JavaScript framework is found in database queries of new NoSQL databases such as MongoDB as well as CouchDB. Modulating the syntax is something that is not required by the web development services team while combining both Node.js as well as NoSQL databases.

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