Whatever happened is a wonder…whatever going to happen is also a wonder…Yes, Google through its continuous innovations make us to think that the “Wonder” is similar to “Google”. Even though, there are many search engines available, the first site we use to search anything is “google.com”. Thus Google can be a synonym of “Search” and never taken their appreciations merely for granted. To keep the users entertained and engaged, Google has invented and in continuous innovation for the IT market. The recent innovations that brought by Google to influence IT market are listed below.

  • Google Glass

Google Glass is yet another best innovation by Google to software industry and launches a “Glass at Work” program to promote technology to allow software developers to design and create “customized business applications”. Google Glass helps software professionals to build apps that can be used for business travelling purpose, presentations purposes (for those with stage fears), a real time video security purpose, for better communication purposes, direct sales etc.


  • Google Balloon

Google’s awesome project launches Google balloon to offer internet to all remote areas of the world using flying balloons highly in the stratosphere. The internet connectivity has advanced to offer 15megabit-per-second of internet access. Google Balloon will probably change the world within 10 years by giving network access to 5 billion people. The balloon powered internet for everyone by Google uses software algorithm to recognize particular atmospheric current they should travel to offer internet connections. Placing 20kms above from surface of earth, Google Balloon forms a network of global communications that is capable of connecting the customers through antennae. This will be a boon for software industry in all aspects.google balloon

  • RankBrain

RankBrain is the new search engine algorithm-Hummingbird and is an Artificial Intelligence promotion which is meant for all languages. To be in detail, RankBrain is nothing but a recent innovation by Google to make more specific on searching on Google. SEO services will be more specific as RankBrain is live now and the confusion which had before about SEO when RankBrain exists has been changed as SEO magic is still working. This small action has increased the reliability by users as well as IT industry on Google. Google is still working to give more better results for example, if you search for travel, it will show your flight status, when to move, when not to which would otherwise ask many questions.

  • Google New Cloud Platformgcp-header-logo

This is Google’s fourth platform for cloud and second one in the United States. Cloud platform enables software developers to build, test applications on highly reliable and scalable infrastructure through vCloud Air, VMware’s hybrid cloud platform.

  • Google Fiber

Google Fiber is yet another innovation by Google with its service to provide internet access at 1000Mbps upload and download speeds which can be a great innovation when software industry is considered. This will be better to people living in the remote areas and have internet access only through a cellular carrier.

  • Android wearable

The innovation of Android wear platform is really incredible. Android wear have significant upgrades with music storage and GPS and it is more appealing to business users and android developers to make more applications in future.

  • Android Auto

Google’s Android Auto has a great impact on the software industry to build software into vehicles by allowing displaying Smartphone content a customized UI in the dash display. Android Auto can be built directly to car and doesn’t need a Smartphone at all.

  • Space: The Final (Ad) Frontier

Google explored space by launching a new innovation for the internet service to rural areas, an orbiting micro-satellites network to access information in an easier way.

With these innovations, it is likely to say, Google is really a wonder to the world and can give a banner “Smarter Google ever”.

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